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Stower Vale Pre-school Newsletter Summer Term – 2021 – 1

Stower Vale Pre-school Newsletter Summer Term – 2021 – 1
April 26, 2021 Dorset Tech


Forest Area Visits


These visits will take place on the following days:-

         Tuesday 27th April

         Tuesday 4th May

         Monday 10th May

         Tuesday 18th May

         Monday 24th May

Please make a note of the dates that your child will visit the forest area and ensure they are wearing long trousers/leggings and long-sleeved tops (there are stinging nettles and thistles in the area), as well as weather appropriate clothing such as outdoor coats/sunhats, wellington boots, waterproofs and named water bottle.  A list of the dates are also displayed next to the notice board in the lobby.  In the hot weather your child will still need to be covered to visit the forest area, but please do feel free to put summer clothing, i.e. shorts and t-shirts, in their bag and they can change when back at Pre-school.


Parent Questionnaire


Thank you to everyone who returned the completed Parent Questionnaire last term, we are very grateful for all your feedback and have been overwhelmed by the positive responses!  Tapestry was highlighted as being the most popular way to share your child/ren’s time at Pre-school, we will continue to post photos/videos weekly.  Please remember to have a look at the planned weekly focus on Tapestry, if you can, as by offering the learning opportunities at home that Pre-school are also offering will help to support your child/ren’s learning and development.  We love to see all the photos and videos you post on Tapestry, thank you for taking the time to share.


Committee Members


Would you like to join our Committee in September 2021 and become more involved in the Pre-school community?  Without the Committee our Pre-school will not be able to run, we rely on parents/carers and local members of the community to support us in the smooth running of the setting.  Committee members become involved in supporting fundraising activities, attending meetings, once we are able to hold these again, and financial decisions.  If you would like to know more about becoming a member please speak to Claire, thank you for your support.




Please ensure your child/ren has sun cream applied before they come into Pre-school, we will then reapply during the day.  It would be very helpful if you could use a sun cream that is long lasting and gives more than 6 hours protection so that your child/ren are protected during their time at Pre-school, if you do apply long lasting sun cream please let us know so that we do not reapply.  Please also remember named sunhats, thank you.


It is lovely to see the sun shining and the days are slowly becoming warmer, although at the moment it is still cold outside please ensure your child/ren has a warm jumper/coat to wear.  We would also like to ask that you continue to bring in welly boots and waterproofs so that they can join in with water activities as well as visiting the forest area if in on the Monday or Tuesday.




Your child will need to wear closed toe shoes at Pre-school due to safety reasons, please no flipflops or open toed sandals.  The bark area outside can easily get into shoes and welly boots so please ensure your child is wearing socks, thank you.


Family Information Service (FIS)


We have been asked to share information regarding the FIS with you, the Dorset Family Information Service provides free impartial, advice and assistance to parents and carers of children and young people aged up to 19, or up to 25 years for those with special educational needs or disability (SEND). :


Families can:



Welly boots


Do you have any old children’s wellington boots at home that you no longer need?  If so we would be grateful if you could bring these into Pre-school as we would like to recycle them and use them as plant pots to brighten up our outdoor space, thank you.


Dates for the Diary

Forest Area Visits – 27th April, 4th 10th 18th 24th May

Bank Holiday – Monday 3rd May

Last day of term – Friday 28th May

Back to Pre-school – Monday 7th June


Please note all term dates and activity days are also posted on the Pre-school website